How do I load a video? – Go to the update tab under your profile.  You can add pictures and videos from there.  In some cases, your video might be too big to add.  You can use a video compressing app to lower it below 20 MP or you can get a YouTube Channel and add the video to it and then copy and paste the link. 

How do I send my page to a college coach?  You can copy and paste the address of your specific page, or you can copy the QR code that is specific to your page and send that.  Under College contacts, you will find a continuously updated list of emails and phone numbers for coaches.  You can use this to contact schools that you are interested in.

When will my stats and video be updated?  Depending on how many players attend the metric day, but in most cases the video will be added within 5 days.  All the statistics will be updated in 2 days from the completion of the event.

How will a college coach see my page? Each coach has their own page.  They can select to follow players and keep up with them as they add video and stats.  You can see which coach looks at your page. 

How do I connect my profile to my team?  When you are logged into your account, go to the search for team’s tab and look up your team.  You will see the option to join that team from their page. Or you can have the coach send you an invite to join the team.

What is the different level of subscriptions?  The first level is if you only want to have your profile page.  It is $100, and charges you for an annual subscription.  The second level is if you attend one of our Scout Day’s.  That will cost $200, and you get your metrics from the event along with video.  You also get a full year on the website to have your profile page.  Each year on the anniversary, you will be charged for another year on the credit card that was used to sign up.

How can I attend a Scout Day?  Once you have created an account on our site, you can then look at available Scout Days that you may be able to attend.  On your profile page in the top right corner, you will see your picture.  If you click on that there will be a drop-down box. In that box there will be an option for “events”.  If you click on that it will show the list of available events.  (Some events are only for players on a certain team.  If you are unsure, please message us and we will let you know)