Watch Our Introduction to QR Coach


QR Coach is an exciting new platform that gives travel organizations and players the chance to add technology to their recruiting process. The number one complaint with scouts and coaches is that they can’t get good player information from the rosters that they are given.

Dear Esteemed Baseball Scouts,

We cordially invite you to tune into our upcoming live stream showcasing a selection of talented young baseball players, all eager to take their skills to the collegiate level. The event promises a fantastic display of raw potential, polished technique, and undying passion for the game. It’s an exciting opportunity to witness, firsthand, the next wave of baseball talent, all from the comfort of your home or office. Your keen eye for spotting future stars can help shape these athletes’ dreams, and we believe you’ll find your next standout player in our lineup. We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Sincerely, Justin Brady QR Coach


How It ALL Started

After going through the recruiting process with our boys, we quickly realized that it was an inexact science. We were usure if we were spending our money on the right things, and if they would be seen at all. We made many mistakes along the way, but we also discovered some fundamental truths to the process.

Our Teams

Let us provide you with a home base for most of your team recruiting needs. Whether its roster management, scout contact or team graphics we have you covered. And the best part of it all is that it is totally free for you to have a team site. We will help you gain new players by offering top of the line methods to help them get to the next level. Check us out!


Don’t sit around and wait on someone to see your video or stats. Put your future in your own hands. With your own custom player page, you can add video, stats and awards anytime that you want. You can send your whole page to any college or scout for them to have access to all your information. If you attend one of out scout days, we will add all your metrics to your profile